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Mrs Mary Philo parish clerk
Correspondence Address Island Cottage
Swan Street
TN30 7PH
Tel: 01797 270790

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Appledore is a beautiful Kentish village with an extensive and interesting history, including occupation for a year, (892/903) by a Danish army of some 5000 men with 280 ships and later in 1380 a raid by a French army, which burned down the Church. The name Appledore is thought to derive from Old English, ‘apuldre’, (believed to mean apple tree or apple gate).

In early mediaeval times Appledore had a port on the river Rother and the status of a town with a market and an annual fair.  Following the silting and eventual diversion of the river during the 13th Century, Appledore retained importance from being located on relatively healthy higher ground than the adjoining Romney Marsh.  The Royal Military Canal, built in 1804, as a precaution against a further French, (Napoleonic), invasion runs through the edge of the village.
Today the population of Appledore and Appledore Heath is approaching 800. The village has an Ancient Church, Methodist Chapel, a Village Hall and a Recreation Ground.  Farming is the main economic activity; however there are several small industries and rural businesses. Facilities and Services include a Village Store and Post Office, a Public House, a Tea Shop, a Bridal Outfitters and Antique Centres at the Old Forge and adjacent to nearby Appledore Railway Station.  The area is served by Wittersham Primary School.
Appledore Parish Council meets on the third Monday of the month, commencing at 19:30Hrs. The venue for the meetings is the Village Hall, located in The Street.  A Public Notice for each meeting is displayed within the Village Noticeboard, on this website and other appropriate prominent places, three clear days before the meeting, as will notification of any date changes or any additional Parish Council Meetings that might be organised. Parishioners and other members of the public and press are welcome to attend and participate under the management of the Chairman; consistent with the statutory requirements as to how Parish Council Meetings are to be conducted.


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